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Domestic industrialization drives demand for hardware components

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There have been reports previously that the development of China\'s precision parts and components is under increasing pressure from resources and the environment. An important way to ease resource ...
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There have been reports previously that the development of China's precision parts and components is under increasing pressure from resources and the environment. An important way to ease resource constraints is to develop green manufacturing. The development of hardware components will continue to move forward in the direction of brand management for a period of time to promote the all-round development of hardware components.

In the product, high-end products will accelerate the localization of quality R&D. From the entire process of design, manufacture, packaging, transportation, use, and end-of-life disposal, we must consider the least pollution, the lowest emissions, the highest resource utilization, and the least environmental impact. In order to coordinate the optimization of corporate profits and social benefits; in the circulation, to explore a variety of value-added service models, bring value and benefits to customers. From the provision of a single set of hardware components to the provision of the entire mechanical parts scheme, customized services, and remote monitoring, the proportion of services in the sales of hardware component manufacturing companies will gradually increase.

With the deepening of reform and opening up, we have gone through 35 years. The competition in China's hardware and spare parts market has become increasingly fierce. Many foreign companies have continuously entered our country’s market and have taken root in our country, using our country’s cheap The labor force produces its branded products for higher profits. Our own business has been greatly suppressed and excluded.

Under such pressure, how to make your own enterprise products not be suppressed, and the development of better and better has become a major issue for many domestic companies to think about. The lack of big brands in China is also a problem that needs to be dealt with by enterprises. Why is there a lack of big brands? It is very simple. It is clear that we are not doing well enough and are not competitive enough. So many foreign companies are flooding into the Chinese market from abroad. This means that more metal parts companies need to continue to break through, change themselves, continue to innovate, let themselves have core competitiveness, and let their development gradually become a Businesses that can integrate with the international market. This pressure has been very helpful for the development of our hardware components.

It can be seen that many of our hardware components are compared with these foreign-funded enterprises. What we lack is core technology and production equipment. This makes us less competitive in the market of hardware components, so China has adopted familiar The price war, but with the development of society, whether it is a domestic company or an individual, the demand for objects has not only been limited to low prices, but good quality is the most important thing. Therefore, price wars for Chinese companies do not have much advantage, so the best method in China is to build high-strength precision parts brands, have their own ideas, and be able to integrate with international hardware components, so that in the market Competition will appear more powerful.

Saving or fine-grained growth means letting technological progress and improving management efficiency play a leading role in the overall growth. The result is an increase in added value and an increase in profits. Because, if you rely on investment, although the output increases, but the cost also increases, which is not sustainable. The current problem is that the entrepreneurial environment and the government’s management of science and technology education have considerable deficiencies.

As long as we can build a system and policy environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship through reform and innovation, we will be able to make a significant improvement in the level of technology and value-added of Chinese hardware components within a relatively short period of time. At present, the world’s advanced hardware components are facing major or minor technological breakthroughs. If China’s hardware components can seize this great opportunity and give full play to their advantages, they will develop some competitive products with international competitiveness. It is entirely possible.

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