The development status of mechanical parts industry in China

Article upload: Kingship Pageviews: 2103 Release time: 2021-08-25

China's machinery manufacturing industry has made great progress this year, especially the development of machinery parts manufacturing industry, which is absolutely gratifying. China is now the world's second largest economy and is gradually becoming the world's manufacturing center. It has become a trend for many European and American developed countries to transfer the production of mechanical parts to China, and China has become an important global direct procurement base for European and American buyers.

This brings opportunities to China's manufacturing industry. In addition to the European economic crisis, many European companies have also transferred some precision parts that were originally produced abroad to China for production in order to save costs. So for China's mechanical parts industry, it really is spring. But not all companies can enjoy this spring. Many foreign companies still have a lot of requirements when they enter China to find machinery parts suppliers. It is still difficult to find factories with suitable prices and quality requirements among the millions of suppliers in China.

Because there are many difficulties in the procurement of mechanical parts, especially non-standard parts, it is difficult to find, find, evaluate, review, and develop qualified suppliers, and it is not easy to find suitable suppliers. In addition, some domestic companies do not pay attention to their own publicity, so it takes a little effort to make foreigners look at it.

At present, procurement managers in the parts industry develop suppliers through the following channels: some through exhibitions, some through friend introductions, some through websites, and some through large foreign trade companies. But no matter what channel you find you, you must be fully prepared yourself, and you must have excellent equipment, technology, and management to make others look at you. Therefore, the future of China's mechanical parts industry is a trend where opportunities and challenges coexist. Good companies will grow bigger and bigger, and poorly done companies may be eliminated.