Kingship and you look forward to the development direction of CNC machine tools in my country

Article upload: Kingship Pageviews: 1824 Release time: 2021-08-25

It can be said that the machine tool manufacturing industry largely determines the development progress and prospects of my country's precision machining industry. Therefore, the development of CNC machine tool manufacturing industry is the vane of the entire processing industry. In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have great achievements. As a result, domestically produced machine tools have entered the world's leading level in some aspects. In which direction should the manufacture of CNC machine tools develop today?

First, maximize reliability

At present, there is still a certain gap between the reliability of many domestic CNC machine tools and those produced by some top foreign manufacturers. For example, foreign CNC five-axis lathes can maintain 1500 hours of continuous operation without failure, while domestic products can only achieve continuous 1000 Hours without failure. Therefore, we must work hard on reliability to catch up with imported machine tools.

Second, miniaturization of the control system

Miniaturization is to better integrate the electromechanical devices, occupy a smaller space, and be more convenient to install on the machine tool. It is also more conducive to the operation and use of the CNC machine tool.

Third, intelligent

The CNC machine tool can automatically adjust the system parameters according to the changes of the product's working conditions to ensure that the processing state is kept optimal and improve the production efficiency of the product. The equipment can have self-diagnosis and repair functions, and take shutdown measures when a failure occurs.

Fourth, high speed and high precision

Precision determines the quality of the workpiece, and speed reflects the processing efficiency of the product. Improving the processing speed and accuracy of CNC lathes is an important development direction.